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Do you need to protect the assets of your clients?

In an industry which requires extremely quick response times there’s often a requirement to use outside contractors. Without vetting this can be extremely risky given the ease of access to your customers’ data and sensitive information. By putting security and vetting processes in place for both temporary and permanent staff this reduces the risk of damage to your reputation, the chance of litigation and the subsequent loss of other clients.
Many company’s adopt BS7858 vetting which is the British Standard to persons working in a security related environment. It may be part of a contractual compliance process or necessary to indicate to your clients that your serious about protecting their assets.  Our BS7858 security screening service includes:

BS7858 security screening service includes:

  • Confirmation of name, date of birth, current address and right to work
  • 5 Year career history reference checks employment, self-employment and unemployment
  • Independent verification of any career gap which exceeds 31 days
  • Verified written character reference
  • Basic criminal record disclosure
  • Education checks as appropriate
  • Financial Public record check: CCJ’s, insolvency, bankruptcy, IVA’s, company directorships, undeclared address links and aliases.
  • Terrorist financial sanctions list
  • Full audit file supplied at the end of the vetting process.
  • Optional Driving Licence verification

Need help finding the right service?

The requirements for screening and vetting services are not always that straightforward - which is why we’re more than happy to help with any queries you may have. Just get in touch.

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